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Arthur Massei uses his years of experience to aid clients in developing and achieving short and long term goals. By providing a personal, encouraging approach, Massei ensures that his artists are always prepared for meetings, auditions, and performances. Massei Management also connects clients with others working in entertainment, giving represented talent a diverse network of resources.


Here is an excerpt of Arthur in an article for Backstage

I don’t really see any difference between what managers do in New York and what they do in Los Angeles. The job is the same: guidance, advice, and support. The basic functions of a manager are assisting artists with selection of photographers, acting classes/coaches, and finding an agent. Managers should supervise every facet of an artist’s career and assist with short-term and long-term goals.

Actors will eventually need a reel to submit for film and TV roles. I tell every actor I meet to subscribe to Back Stage and submit weekly to the student-film castings they find there. Once they have several clips from different projects, we will go ahead and create a reel.

Emotional support is very important, as artists will be vulnerable throughout their careers. The manager needs to have empathy to help the artist remain enthusiastic, stay focused, and make sure they are utilizing all their skills to advance their career.

Managers also set up meetings with producers, casting directors, and film directors. We represent the artist in dealing with any labor unions and contract discussions with studios or independent film companies. Managers should also discuss the potential of other mediums, such as YouTube and Facebook. Several Web series have been picked up and made into TV series, making this another option for artists.

Once the artist is recognizable, they will receive offers to read for roles. The manager and artist will each read the script and discuss the role and project. Then the manager will offer advice about whether or not to accept the role.

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