Samuel Mwangi Muriithi


Samuel Muriithi is a Kenyan-American, raised in Washington, D.C. He began his journey as an Actor, a year after completing his studies at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, where he obtained a BA in Communications: Radio, Television and Film Production. At DePaul, he was blessed to learn everything from Digital Cinema, Broadcast News, Editing, Screenwriting and Sound Engineering. During and after his tenure at DePaul University, he had the experience of a lifetime, where he put his skills to use as a TV News Producer at Voice of America – TV to Africa, in Washington, D.C. While there, he worked in the Newsroom as a Teleprompter operator for four daily shows, routinely recorded voiceovers for two of the shows, wrote tip-reports, interviewed people off-site, conducted research and did a bit of editing work.
Along the way, before discovering his passion for performing, he doubled as a Contributing Author, writing two articles for the Homeland Security Foundation of America. These were articles geared toward the infrastructure of security in our Nation and it is one of his finest moments as a young Professional. This was a great time of creative exploration, as he also Wrote, Hosted, Executive Produced and Co-Directed his first Documentary endeavor in and around Kenya, titled “Kenya: Where Perception Isn’t Reality”.
When he isn’t performing, he enjoys working and collaborating with Non-Profit Organizations specifically geared toward Clean Water, Education and Poverty initiatives. Traveling,Writing, Photography, Sports, being outdoors, socializing with the people and inspiring round up the list.






• 10/20/2008

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