Orel De La Mota



Actor and Artist was born on March 16th, 1989 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and later on raised in Bronx, New York. Today He is the youngest among seven of his brothers and sisters. His mother, Claribel Rivera, also artist and businesswoman has always served as his primary role model and artistically inspired De La Mota to be the great Surreal artist he is today.
When he turned fourteen years old, his mother decided to pursue his education in Ohio where he attended Franklin High School and was involved in sports, Music, Art club and school musicals. Later he attended the Ohio State University, where he majored in Economics with a focus on Stocks markets and international Affairs. While attending college as a full time student during the day, he attended professional acting schools at night and eventually performed at many Theatre shows and indie films throughout Ohio, Indiana, Chicago and New York.
After graduating from college he signed with his former agent whom helped him book several national TV commercials in Ohio and surrounding states. Such success in a small town led him to his move out west to further his career and evolve as a professional performer. Now as he resides in Los Angeles, his raw talent and consistent professional training continuous to exponentially grow and expand his career more than ever before.




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• 03/02/2009

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