Miguel Izaguirre



Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Miguel and his family emigrated to Miami, Fl where he was raised. Growing up in the tropical atmosphere of Miami inspired Miguel to see life in a new perspective and truly appreciate the beauty in nature and deep inside of us all.
Always interested in all things related to the camera; both in front of and behind the scenes, Miguel enjoyed shooting and editing videos with his friends for leisure. Relocating to Los Angeles gave Miguel the opportunity to really pursue his dreams.
Since his pilgrimage to the west coast Miguel has been lucky enough to be a part of major productions which gained him the privilege of being a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild as a working professional.
A jack of all trades, to Miguel, life is our truest teacher. Learning from mistakes and experiences is the challenge we face on a daily basis.


His work today consists of pursuing an acting career, and a freelance creative.




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• 09/01/2009

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