Kevin High



Kevin is a native South Carolinian who left behind his cotton-picking, corn shucking, molasses swiggin’ roots for an artistic life on the west coast. Somewhere along the way, his inner nerd got sucked into the .com lifestyle. While profitable, it was soul-sucking.
Life behind a desk left him yearning for something more, so when a friend suggested he audition for the role of Mitch in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” he jumped at the chance. Luck became brilliance. Audiences loved Kevin. Kevin loved audiences. Seemed like a good match.
He quickly filled his roster with roles in classic theatre, musicals and even Broadway-bound new works.
Through the encouragement of another friend, he became entranced with Voice Over, studied it and cut a demo. He has since worked with companies as diverse as San Francisco Opera and Tometa Software.
Kevin has since moved to Los Angeles to pursue television, film, voice over, theatre.




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• 10/01/2010

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